I’m Laurie “Lucianne” Scheid, and like you, I have a million interests and jazz is and was my thing.

I offer my clients frictionless advice and GREAT deals. My  suggestions are the right combination of safe, upbeat, honest, and geared towards two types: twenty somethings and fifty and beyond. In these categories there are interests – groups, weddings, singles, music, health, and the ladies who wear the pink hats.

We are a small business out of Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, a place near Pittsburgh, and we’re dedicated to helping you reach your travel goals.  I generally do not add fees to book your next trip, in fact I save clients money and time. I make sure every trip has a personal touch and meets your needs as a traveler. ​I keep up with the latest in tech, and savor planning over Skype or other real time communique. My Skype name is jazz.music.travel

Laurie Lucianne Scheid, in addition to owning a niche travel agency since 2009, also sings under the name [Lucianne Evans] for three plus decades of jazz from Pittsburgh to Montreal, where she was featured at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, to doing jazz in New York and Asheville, NC, where she teamed up with pianist Tom Coppola. Their record “Flamingo” was given the Blue Chip Award as one of the “Top Vocal CD’s of 2002” in the Jazz Education Journal, of the International Jazz Educators. She spent five years as the Secretary of the IAJE for North Carolina – involved in promoting good jazz artists in the South and elsewhere. She sites national jazz critic Dr. Herb Wong as a mentor and spends time penning and recording standard style originals and popular music.

In travel, she studied for two years in Travel and Tourism at a well known program run by Ben Streets (Blue Ridge Community College) from 2007 to 2009. In addition to niche agency Jazz Music Travel, she worked for Brevard Travel and AAA, sending thousands of clients around the globe. She moved back to the Pittsburgh area in 2014 for family reasons and is happy to pursue a creative yet small town life with her 22 year old daughter and a dachshund mix named Mr. Weedle.

blue travel for a better world