Cruise to Bermuda

Let’s Go To Bermuda

Bermuda is a stellar, scintillating, sensual location with so much to offer: intelligent, friendly people, a very similar culture to our ours without being American, lovely architecture, especially in the old town of St. Georges, and truly some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, my favorites being Horseshoe Bay. Snorkel Bay, Church Bay, Elbow Beach, and Achilles Bay Beaches. I sailed with a full crowd aboard Celebrity Summit, stopping three days (two nights) in King’s Wharf, Bermuda, which is the location of the famous Royal Navy Dockyard. I would recommend this one, and some other cruises when you get the ‘long stay’ in Bermuda. Bermuda is not technically part of the Caribbean, and their season is different, it goes from April to October.

One of the most romantic things about the island are the secret structures around the island, and something unique about the sand. I’m am not going to say more, but do a bit of research, and you will unlock the secret! So, when you call me, let me know …have you discovered the romantic secrets of Bermuda?

  • Cruises to Bermuda that we book with long stay:
  • $$ Celebrity
  • $$ Norwegian Cruise Line on The Breakaway (it is so called because the layout just has it’s shops and cafes around the outside of the ship)
  • $$-$$$ Princess Cruises (docks in Hamilton and St. Georges)
  • $$$$ Oceania
  • $$$$ Regent Seven Seas

Most of these cruises dock in New York, which can help provide a lower cost to you. Bermuda may not be the cruise you would take as a first time cruiser, but that depends on you. It is a clean and sophisticated island, and I would be happy to qualify your choice and give you feedback about it!

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