The Case for Travel Insurance…and what you need to know about your trip in a hurricane


(October, 2016) Today is the day of Hurricane Matthew news everywhere. It also happens to be two days before I was so looking forward to leaving for what would have been an invigorating and much needed respite at the only all inclusive resort in the US. But it is in Port St. Lucie, on the path of the hurricane. Two days is always when things seem to happen, right? The moment your warranty runs out, the moment you thought nothing could go wrong. The moment you forgot your coupon.

You may be researching a trip and are often asked, “do you want to add travel insurance?” It adds extra cost, yet I have clients who can afford it say foolishly, “I’ve never done it, and have always been ‘lucky.'” I grab my muster and remain calm while I explain a little thing called terms and conditions. Luck has nothing to do with it when it comes to what you might really stand to lose if you have to have emergency evacuation. You also nee the right kind of trip insurance, often from a good underwriter, a good third party. I always try to insist on it, and today, my persistence was reinforced once again.



Here’s what one of my clients had to say about travel insurance.

“Thank you so much for all your help. Not only the excellent trip planning but even more important, the choices you offered and your insistence upon insuring the trip. I have no idea how valuable your advice would be until Franco had a heart attack in Marrakesh, where they saved his life. You told me that you thought a good travel insurance policy from a company like Allianz or Travel Insured was essential, and I cannot express how right you were. Their contact person for emergency assistance spoke the languages and could translate in the initial emergency, and after he was stabilized, she called me every day to check on Franco’s health and to make herself useful to me in the stress stressful situation. Because of the language barrier, she was the only person I had to talk to.

In sum, I will call only you when we travel and refer you to all my friends.

(Binna Green, Asheville, NC)”

People’s motivation to get trip insurance ofetn comes from their air travel, and that is a good reason. Just insuring your flight is not enough though. But for your info…here’s the deal with airlines. You can exchange your unused ticket portion for another trip during the year on the same airline. But you usually have to pay tax over again, sometimes a fee, and have to pay fare difference, which can be really high if you decide to take a trip just to use your ticket portion in high season.

I’ve known a lot of people whose flight was canceled and the airline gives them a choice of what to do. With good travel insurance, you call them, call me, and ask – because each circumstance is different. Don’t be only at the mercy of the airline.

What if you can’t take a flight again on the same airline within a year? Travel insurance holds you to your task, because I offer special reminders to my clients so you don’t have it weighing on your mind…”oh, I have to call the airline and book that flight again, which airline, which flight?”

With good third party insurance like Jazzmusictravel can provide, if you or a family member are hurt or ill, or if something happens to your home, or even your job, the weather, theft while on vacation, many more…you can recover all your expenses, including points, airfare, etcetera.

Some people can lose a couple thousand dollars and it won’t be the end of their financial life. But if you have an emergency and have to be evacuated from a location, let’s say you tripped and broke a bone, or had a heart attack in a foreign country like Morocco, which happened to a client of mine. Now, without trip insurance, you stand to lose upwards of $75,000 out of pocket. Now, that is the case for travel insurance.

Please feel free to ask questions of me. I’m jazzmusictravel and love to hear from you.

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