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Jazz Music Travel Agency Arranges Custom Trips for Our Clients

Travel is not a luxury but a necessity that strengthens the bonds between loved ones and the promises we make to ourselves. At Jazz Music Travel Agency, we have an expression, that not traveling – staying at home – makes you “roam sick!”

And with the slurry of travel offers on the internet, we want our clients in New Kensington, PA, and the surrounding area to feel pampered and confident in the choice you made to come to us. (724) 335-3235.

Saving You Money on Trips Since 2009

Jazz Music Travel Agency owner Laurie Scheid has relished booking great tours or cruises to well known cities and destinations, and lesser known or exotic places too. She saves you money by saving you time and reducing stress. What you do not know about a cruise, tour, country, or season can land you in unfamiliar circumstances, so we reduce that risk for you. It is fun for Laurie to do the tough things for you!

Benjamin Franklin once said “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Therefore, to her VIP clients, an awesome mobile itinerary is offered with every trip.

We Make it Happen for You From Pittsburgh to Italy and Beyond

Whether you are looking to make a vacation trip to Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles or go overseas to Italy, France, Spain, England, Asia, or some other romantic destination, Jazz Music Travel Agency can make it happen for you at a reasonable price. And it does not have to be a jazz music festival. Jazz has been a career and a passion for Laurie Scheid for many years, which you read more about on our About Us page.

Laurie helps her clients with a number of different vacation trips through air inclusive packages, cruises, group travel, and more.

Jazz Music Travel Agency’s Vacation Types Include:

Group Travel and Tours
Tours & Air Inclusive Packages
Pittsburgh Historical Tours

Personalized Service Takes Hassle Out of Planning

Laurie’s personalized services allows her to understand exactly what Jazz Music Travel Agency’s clients are looking for. We take the guesswork and hassle out of planning for a vacation. You do not have to spend hours and hours on the Internet searching for the best deals. We will get you the best trip and the accommodations at the most affordable prices. Our clients have given Jazz Music Travel Agency glowing reviews, which you can read on our testimonials page. Contact us when you want to make that dream trip.

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