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About Jazz Music Travel Agency

in New Kensington, PA

Our Suggestions are the Right Combination of Safe, Upbeat and Honest

Owner Laurie Scheid has booked thousands of trips since she opened Jazz Music Travel Agency in New Kensington, PA, which is about 25 minutes northeast of Pittsburgh. Her suggestions are the right combination of safe, upbeat, honest, and geared toward two age groups:

20-somethings and 50 and older. The types of trips vary, but they include family trips, destination weddings, solo travel, which is a big part of our business, and, of course, music.

When you want to book a trip with us, give us a call at (724) 335-3235.

Owner Laurie Scheid Sang Jazz for Many Years

Laurie Scheid opened Jazz Music Travel Agency almost 10 years ago after singing jazz (under the name Lucianne Evans) for more than three decades from Pittsburgh to Montreal. She was featured at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and she sang in New York and Asheville, N.C., where she managed her own group called Evans & Coppola. The CD “Flamingo” was given the Blue Chip Award as one of the “Top Vocal CD’s of 2002” in the Jazz Education Journal, of the International Jazz Educators. She spent five years as the Secretary of the IAJE for North Carolina – involved in promoting good jazz artists in the South and elsewhere. She sites national jazz critic Dr. Herb Wong as a mentor and spends time penning and recording standard style originals and popular music.

Advantages of Using Jazz Music Travel Agency for Group Trips

Reduces Stress on the Group
Saves Time
Adds Value & Enjoyment
Keeps the Interest Strong
Experience with Travel Companies

Extensive Experience in Booking Trips Around the Globe

Laurie took a travel and tourism program run by Ben Streets (Blue Ridge Community College). She discovered a niche – jazz music and travel. What is in a name? A niche of course. For example, if you like music, she will time your itinerary to include a jazz festival, or a ticket to see your favorite artist in concert along your journey. Do you get the idea? Your interest becomes her interest too! 

It’s not passé. Laurie has experience with large companies, booking thousands of clients around the globe. But now she likes to pay attention to individuals on a custom basis to personally travelled places – such as: Europe (Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, France); Asia (Taiwan, China, Philippines); US and Canadian Cities and the surrounding rural landscapes (Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Montreal, San Francisco); and lastly 18 Caribbean islands and Bermuda). And climate responsibility is a concern, so she is a Good Travels Advisor, an organization that connects climate and global charities. 

Dog friendly? Of course! She has two adorable dogs and she knows that the details about pets are one of the biggest decisions when planning a trip.

Contact Laurie to book a trip or a tour.