Custom Itinerary

Jazz Music Travel Agency

When: End of April-first week of May - a five day span during NOLA Jazz and Heritage Festival.

What: A 5 day getaway during the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will reveal what Louis Armstrong is singing about in New Orleans. The waterfront, Bourbon Street and more are waiting for you to see them. 

The home of modern artists from Jon Baptiste, Wynton Marsalis, and the Neville Brothers... the radio station WWOZ, livestreams the event! 10 stages! Sets with Adonis Rose, Jason Marsalis, Box Scaggs, Chris Isaak, Elvis Costello, and so many blues, gospel and ragtime performances, it will make your head spin! 

Tons of great food, cooling stations, and cultural events. 

Includes:  airfare, hotel, rental car and one general day pass to the Fairgrounds,