Group Travel & Tours

Group Travel & Tours

in New Kensington, PA and Pittsburgh, PA

Jazz Music Travel Agency Takes Care of Everything for Your Group Trip

Do you have a group in the New Kensington, PA area that wants to take a trip or tour for fun or business? Are you unfamiliar with how to book a trip like that? Doing that without a professional travel agency could be confusing and complicated. So, you should hire Jazz Music Travel Agency to plan and book a group trip.

Owner Laurie Laurie Scheid will take care of everything for you. She wants to take the stress and confusion off of you. Sound like a good deal? Give the agency a call at (724) 335-3235, and Laurie will make you group trip a reality.

We Save Our Clients Money and Time

Choosing Jazz Music Travel Agency to book your next trip does not add extra expenses to your trip. In fact, we save our clients money and time, reduce stress and risk, and add value and enjoyment.

Laurie Scheid goes to expert group travel training seminars to keep with groups. Most of the companies that she recommends for groups are those that she has used and trusted with satisfaction. Laurie will take charge by keeping the interest strong and steady until an agreement is made.

Advantages of Using Jazz Music Travel Agency for Group Trips

Reduces Stress on the Group
Saves Time
Adds Value & Enjoyment
Keeps the Interest Strong
Experience with Travel Companies

Making Sure All of Your Expectations are Realized

Whether you have a small, medium, or large group, Jazz Music Travel Agency can make sure all of your expectations are realized on your group trip or tour. Agent Laurie Scheid books the trip, making sure you are happy with the choice of hotel, transportation, flights, cruises, events, and more. With her experience in the field, you can be assured that your group trip will be planned down to the smallest detail.

Contact us today to get started on booking your group trip or group tour.