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Are you fascinated with history, particularly in Pittsburgh, PA and Western Pennsylvania? Well, then Jazz Music Travel Agency can help you learn more about the history of this history-rich region by booking Pittsburgh historical tours for you.

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Pittsburgh Played Large Role in French and Indian War

Pittsburgh, PA played a significant role in the French and Indian War, which was fought from 1754 to 1763. The war was fought between the colonies of British American and France, with Native Americans from several different tribes on both sides.

Most of the fighting was the territory from Virginia to Newfoundland because of a dispute involving control of the Allegheny River and Monongahela River and the site of the French Fort Duquesne in Pittsburgh.

Historical Tours of Pittsburgh Could Include:

Point State Park
Fort Pitt Museum
Fort Pitt Blockhouse
Woodville Plantation
Old Economy Village
Station Square

History Buffs Will Enjoy the Tour of Point State Park

One of the most sought-after tours is to Point State Park, which is one of the historical sites you can visit in Pittsburgh. The site was once home to a series of American, British, and French forts. There was no fighting on the site, but the area was heavily sought after and was an integral part of fighting in Western Pennsylvania.

You can explore the park and learn more about the history. Jazz Music Travel Agency can book the tour for you, including Fort Pitt Museum and Fort Pitt Blockhouse, so all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

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