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Our Clients Love What We Do for Them

Jazz Music Travel Agency’s clients love the service provided to them. From the initial phone call or visit to the agency, to the planning of the trip down to the smallest detail, to the affordable prices, to wonderful times in faraway places, they have been impressed with our service.

Check out the testimonials below and call owner Laurie Scheid at (724) 335-3235 or stop by agency at 701 5th Avenue in New Kensington, PA.

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Thank you so much for all your help. Not only the excellent trip planning but even more important, the choices you offered and your insistence upon insuring the trip. I have no idea how valuable your advice would be until Franco had a heart attack in Marrakesh, where they saved his life. You told me that you thought a good travel insurance policy from a company like Allianz or Travel Insured was essential, and I cannot express how right you were. Their contact person for emergency assistance spoke the languages and could translate in the initial emergency, and after he was stabilized, she called me every day to check on Franco’s health and to make herself useful to me in the stress stressful situation. Because of the language barrier, she was the only person I had to talk to. In sum, I will call only you when we travel and refer you to all my friends.

Binna Green, Asheville, NC

Your boss called me today to check on my trip I told her Laurie [Lucianne] had done a great job. She said she would call me after the trip. Good, that’ll give me another chance to tell her what a good job you did. Peace and joy!

Cecil Jividen, Asheville, NC

I am writing to tell you that I returned safe and sound on September 25 from Paris to Atlanta. It was 9 PM and I was beat! I have to compliment you and your travel company. Everything went like clockwork! Everything was in place and functioning without a hitch. Likewise, I was able to make all my connections without a hitch. The experience in Charles de Gaulle airport coming back was tiresome, I have never seen so many people. But, my trip in Nice, France and all the sightseeing I did was great. The hotel Jardin de Cluny was delightful – the staff were great – good neighborhood! Thank you for taking the time to plan something so unique.

Pat Robinson, Brevard, NC

Laurie Lucianne Scheid, what a 2013 you have had with Trafalgar! You have sent 37 people on a gallery of our tours all over the world this year! I am so tickled that we are working together and want you to know how grateful we are for you, and your business. With Sincere Warm Thanks,

Jennifer Reynolds, Eastern Regional Director of Trafalgar Tours 2013/14)

We are back from Italy! I haven’t had a spare moment to breathe, much less to drop by your office, but I didn’t want any more time to pass without sending you a heartfelt thank you for all your dedication in putting together our family’s Italian holiday. It truly was the trip of a lifetime. Our Trafalgar tour director was incredible, making sure mom could get to see what she wanted (she was recovering from cancer), giving her options to make more strenuous activities, and making sure mom and dad had the most accommodating rooms available. The “be my guest” dinner at Il Lecchio Villa was the highlight of the trip– the Chianti chicken was scrumptious. Waking up at Lake Garda was like awakening in an aviary, the sound of birdsong and fragrant air. We have touched the Vatican, the Pantheon, Michelangelo’s home; talked to friendly natives of Florence; seen the church where Vivaldi was baptized. We made gelato as staple to our diets as well as bruschetta and espresso with cream.

I still find it hard to believe that we really did this! Our whole family went to Italy! Thank you Laurie Lucianne Scheid for getting us there.

Kelly Knapp, Asheville, NC

Lucianne: The trip was magnificent. Carcassonne was just magical — and Chartres was breathtaking. Thank you so much for a most unforgettable and life changing trip.

Dr. Minerva Pineiro, Brevard, NC

Everything was perfect. We had the absolutely best trip to England, Ireland, Scotland. I would recommend a tour. Everything was made so easy. Our guide was amazing and so humorous. We had a small group, only fourteen. Looking forward to our next trip. I would do Globus again, and I know you’ll give me the best rate. Thanks for everything!

Sue and Randy Scheid, Oakmont, PA

We had a great time! The staff at Sandals Montego Bay was absolutely fantastic.

Andy and Elaine, Etowah, NC

Our office trip to Jamaica was awesome. Everything came off without a hitch for all twelve of us, We will definitely book the same resort chain with your agency again! Anyone can call me at the office at 252-9351 and I’ll tell them the same.

Michelle at Gillespie Dental, Asheville, NC

We had really fun and romantic time on our cruise in the Caribbean, and it was great having a Grand Suite. We will book again with you.

Brett Morrell, Fletcher NC